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February 09, 2005

Bush Vows to Wisely Spend Money Extorted from Veterans

Ah well, I know you're like me and you just can't wait to dig into the budget when the president submits it. You search for 'budget' on the Library of Congress site. Especially this year. In Detroit today Bush said "It is essential that those who spend the money in Washington adhere to this principle: A taxpayer dollar ought to be spent wisely or not spent at all." Wow! This is going to be great!

So when an audit shows that$9bn have been squandered in Iraq we get that back. Right? I mean $9bn is spare change compared to the whole tab of the Iraq war, but still it'll be nice to have it back. This is going to be great! The $31 million being spent on abstinence grants are on hold thanks to mounting evidence that they don't work. Isn't giving grants for abstinence a bit like reverse prostitution after all? We will also, not be paying that $100 million to modernize the Polish military. Is this the same Polish army that lost to Germany because the Germans marched in backwards so the Poles would think they were leaving? Most exciting of all no more pay-offs for pundits. Time reports that the Administration spent $250 million in PR contracts from 2001 to 2004 compared to $128 by the previous Administration. Maybe we can get at least the difference back? even says so himself, must be done doing it.

Ah, but there seems to be signs that the light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train. I right off the top this new budget seems to want to screw the troops and not in the way former White House Correspondent Jeff Gannon had in mind. The problem is that in the first days after this Administration does anything the bad news is always the tip of the iceberg, or as I like to say the narrow end of the butplug. But after news about raising the co-pay and adding a premiums to veterans precisely when they need it most, how much more disgusting is it going to get? Are stories about 129 soldiers getting bills for their care a mistake rather than a sign of things to come?

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