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Gitmo Sports New Golf Course

By Spicolli

Published August 11, 2005 03:43 PM

Agent Schultz congratulates caddy Abdullah al-Muhajir after avoiding double bogey on the 9th hole of Club X-Ray

GUANTANAMO BAY, CUBA - The hot sub-tropical sun is not keeping visiting interrogators or investigators from hitting the links at the FBI's controversial new Club X-Ray Golf Course and Country Club.

Special Agent Walter Shultz commented, "The experience really brings the comforts of home to our little abode here in Cuba. Earlier I was caught on the outer ring of a nasty sand trap when Abdullah al-Muhajir suggested that I use the 9 Iron instead of the sand wedge.... what a life saver! Who knew that detainees would make such great caddies? I made eagle on that hole! They truly know their sand!"

Several PGA officials have visited the course but could not certify it for competition citing that the rough was "too rough" being that it's made up of mostly razor and barbed wire. Golfing legend Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods have both shown interest in rubbing elbows with government officials while stroking a few balls on the green here at the newly popular Club X-Ray. "The unique challenge that I'm eager to try involves maneuvering around the naked body pile on the green of the 11th hole", Tiger said with enthusiasm.


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